Sunday, August 12, 2012

Back to School Shopping with Famous Footwear

This is a Sponsored post written by me on behalf of Famous Footwear for SocialSpark. All opinions are 100% mine.

This is the first year for us to do Back to School shopping. Or school shopping, since she has never really been to school so there is nowhere for her to go back to. Whatever. Semantics.

From what I have read online, seen on TV, and heard on the radio, Back to School shopping is an arduous process that is both a huge time suck and very expensive. Great, something else that will take away the precious little time and money that I have these days. Just what I need. 

I was dreading school shopping.

Dreading, that is, until I met my new BFF - Famous Footwear!

Upon entering our local Famous Footwear we were immediately greeted by a sales associate that was eager to get us started. She lead us to the children's aisle, helped the Supergirl get her shoes off, and ensured that we knew what size shoe we were looking for. From there, we were off to the races!

Normally, I shirk away from name brands, mainly because of the price, since the Supergirl outgrows things so quickly that my wallet can barely keep up. I honestly can't see spending name-brand money on shoes that may only last until Christmas. I was hestitant when I saw all of the name-brand shoes (NIke, Puma, Adidas, Keds, Skechers) calling to my 4-year-old's impressionable brain - maybe we weren't going to be able to shop here after all. 

Famous Footwear to the rescue again!

With their FREE Discount Rewards Program, you can earn 1 point for every $1 that you spend in the store, your points accumulate to gift certificates of up to $100 per year, you receive a discount offer just for signing up (super important), AND you receive other coupons, discounts, and perks throughout the year. I tried really hard not to trip over myself on the way to the counter to sign up (I do LOVE me some coupons!). Not only that but with their Back to School promotion and the FREE Discount program, they will increase the savings to 20% off and BOGO Half Off. Score 1 for those of us on a budget!

AND, if you are the "shop-online-and-stay-out-of-crowds" kind of person, you can use the Discount Program (and related coupons) ONLINE as well. How great is that?

At Famous Footwear, should you not be able to find the shoe you want in your size, the associates will order it for you to be delivered at no charge to you to the store for you to come back and pickup later. This store just keeps on getting better and better, folks.

By the end of our shopping trip, the Supergirl had picked out some "rad" (yeah, apparently that's a new word for the preschool set these days) new shoes, I didn't spend a fortune, AND we were done and on our way home in less than an hour. AMAZING!
The great folks at Famous Footwear have given me some incentives to pass along to my readers.


BOGO + 15% off Famous Footwear Coupon - make sure that you sign up for the Discount Rewards program so that you can get the additional 5% off!.

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